Response to pirategirl77, Lani

tristanhbriggs on August 27, 2012 at 3:36 pm said:

Lani, I could picture all of that in my head and it seems like it was horrifying. Everytime a kid gets hurt it seem to be initial instict to try and fix yourself first rather than telling an adult. I remember doing this alot when i was younger. Your story had great detail i followed it very well. The way you described each step from your leg getting punctured to ending up in the emergency room was very fluent. You had great transition words and i could read everything smoothly. Its very unfortunate that this happened to you, but accidents happen all the time and I am glad your ok. Maybe you could have added a little more elaboration such as, the feelings you were having when it happened, when you told your mom, and at the hospital. What did your mom say when it happened and what about your sister? I cant imagine pulling out a piece of wood from my leg! That takes some guts to do that. Its amazing you didnt have to get stitches and that your open wound didnt get infected. That’s a miracle! Its funny as kids what we think of doing for fun could end up hurting us. I know your parents were probably wondering why you chose to jump on a pile of wood. This was a great story and a great example of what not to do.

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