Researching Communities

In my previous blog, I talked about the several different communities I belong to. I failed to mention the newest community that I am a part of, East Carolina University, in Greenville NC. I am so glad I chose to attend the home of the Pirates, and I am excited to start getting involved.

The one thing that bothers me about the Greenville area, is that it is known for crime. It fustrates me to hear about all of the shootings, robberys, and drugs that circulate the area. I will be living here for the next four to five years and although I am a little concerned about safety, I will definately make the best of my college experience.

With a new place to call home under my belt, I am very excited! I am excited to further my education and meet new people. I am also excited to be staying on my own and learning to balance my responsibilites. Eating at new Restaurants, shopping in new stores, and driving around my new home is another exciting factor of my new community.

Change is probably the biggest factor of moving. I have to change my eating habits, means of transportation, and study habits to succeed in college. I want to see a change in friends and my own knowledge. I wish I could change the safety of Greenville, but that will come with time.

When people talk about change, changing the world is always the step of the future. If I could change anything in the world, it would have to be the violence. I am a very peaceful person and watching the news always upsets me. I strongly dislike that we have wars and hate groups like the Taliban. I can not bear to see anymore distruction from jealousy, hate, and power of control. The terrorists are a known issue around the world, as well as racist groups, and those who are prejudice. We all know that money plays a big role in all the violence and we need to find a way to stop it. I would talk to people from all over to get a better understanding of how they feel about all the violence. I would approach the President and Department of Defense to get a better understanding for the reasoning of war. I could not possibly do this all on my own, therefore, I would need the help from as many people and organizations I could get. Help would be needed by attorneys, politicians, people of the public, and people who have power.

Changing such a big event like war in todays society would be extremely difficult. People would lose jobs and money, but could gain peace and happiness. It is plausable that research, observation, and interviews could take place to get a start on this goal, but it would take much longer than a semester. I do not think I would need permission from a certain person to start this task. I could use the campus library, my peers, and other citizens in the community to start my reasearch.

The type of advocacy that I invision would definately be a more aggressive style. War is a touchy topic and the debate to even have war is almost never ending.


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2 Responses to Researching Communities

  1. johnsonbl12 says:

    I completely agree with you Tristan on the issue of violence. Nothing good ever comes out of violence and everything would be a lot better for everyone if the world wasn’t so full of hatred. Sadly though, at this point in time, there seems to be no end to violence and bloodshed. It almost seems to be much too common of a theme nowadays. It seems as if every time I turn on the television there are more and more reports of murders and deaths, both here on the homefront and overseas. I also agree that Greenville isn’t necessarily the safest place to be. I think anything that we could do to make it safer here for the Greenville community would be a true blessing. I like how you outreached your project to a global scale. Have you looked into any peace or anti-violence organizations on campus? There may be one that could offer you assistance if needed. Although it may be a bit difficult and you would require a lot of outside help, it is an extremely important issue and I would support you all the way through.

  2. ecugirl123 says:

    I am excited to hear you will make the best of your college experience even though you feel uncomfortable about safety at ECU. What do you plan on doing to keep yourself safe? Are you prepared if an incident may happen to you? I also see you mentioned many changes here. What type of change has been your favorite so far? I really am inspired by the topic you wish you could change as many people do not think of the obvious, such as war and violence in their first thoughts. I also find your advocacy and knowledge on the subject impressive. As for research, could you write letters to some of the people you mentioned? Or write to news stations? These are ways to learn more about the situation America and the world are in when it comes to war at this time. I feel it would greatly help you to speak to someone who personally knows the situation and politics well. You could ask them, what are America’s next plans? Or is there ever going to be a stop to violence? Your subject is strong and I believe you could make a change! I enjoy your writing and your ideas because they show your own uniqueness. This is a great paper; very well organized and written.

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