Research Design Plan

Is there ever a day that goes by where the average college student does not have to worry? There are the simple things like what you’re going to wear tomorrow, or maybe you forgot to do a homework assignment. College students have a lot of pressure dealing with classes, proffessors, papers, homework, and even keeping up with the new fashion sense. Does anyone ever think about what is going on outside of the college life, ECU, or Greenville? Well, I am a freshman at ECU and I worry alot about whats happening in todays society.

I come from a small town, where everyone knows everyone. Everyone talks about the same subjects, and we all live life happily on the beach. I am very active in my community and I am aware of problems that are trying to stay on the hush. I am very environmental friendly and I live by my own morals. I strive for success and I love making friends along the way. One subject that really concerns me more than ever is war. I am a very peaceful person and I can not stand to think about what we are doing in Afghanistan, and other countries. I know many people who have fought in wars and the stories they bring back are more than I can handle. I hate reading about the deaths and accidents concerning soldiers and squadrons. I was very involved in the NJROTC program at West Carteret, and I would have to say that class has really opened my eyes to whats going on.

I understand war is a touchy topic, but it needs to be talked about. I want my audience to be the students at ECU. Not only because of our campus size, but most of the students around here are from the military areas. Im sure I could gather some statistics on the number of military kids here at ECU, and see how many students and faculty know anyone in the military. From here I could research the affects of having family members overseas or serving our country. I would need the help of anyone willing to participate in my studies and some assitance form the AFRTOC and AROTC would be nice.

The purpose of my topic is awareness. I want people to realize all aspects of war. Alot of people may have heard about illnesses and not just physical damages but mental damages from war. Im not saying everyone has to agree to my beliefs, but I think its important to share. I would do most of my work here on campus just because I have an endless amount of resources. I will need many statistics, examples of war stories, and even some guest speakers would really grab some attention. I want the younger generation to get involved. Most of us are able to vote now and we can help make a difference for our country.

Doing this project will not just affect my beliefs, but the beliefs of those around me. I will retain correct information and provide as much as possible. I want to change the views on war, and I know this is not going to happen in one day. You have to start somewhere, don’t you?

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