Research Design Observation Plan

To conduct a good paper I need supporting information. I plan to start here on campus where I can attend the ECU Veterans Society. This program is to help serve veterans and family members of veterans with adjusting to campus life. There is a meeting held on the first Wednesday of every month in the Bate Building. I will attend this meeting and hopefully meet the veterans here on campus. Interviews will take place if I will be allowed to do so. I would like to create a family like community for these people so I will need the help of the program organizer and volunteers. Family members of veterans would also be a great source of information. I could learn about the emotional and physical affects that war has brought upon their families.

Not only is there a service here on campus, but there is a Greenville Vet Center located on Smith Rd. They hold meeting from 8am to 4:30pm Monday through Friday. I will visit this center as well to grasp more information about the veterans. My main focus is to learn about the affects of war and what war has done to these people and their families. I want to provide this informatin to others in hope of finding solutions for emotional distress. By making the affects aware to others could eventually lead in ending war, but that could take a life time. So I will take it one step at a time and start researching. I hope to change the feelings of veterans and provide a safe and stable environment to where no worries are needed. War is a life altering event and could be very hard on people. By having support and research information to back it up, I can make a difference.

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