Research Design Plan Revised

Being  involved is essential to everyday life. I am an active member in almost every community I belong to. I was active in my highschool, church, Carteret County, and now I am involved in my newest community, East Carolina University. As a freshman here at ECU I am trying to find my place on campus by meeting new people and staying involved.

Starting college was a little nerve racking and alot to take in. Having different proffesors with different standards and assigning more assignments is still alot to manage. Change is something I will have to accustom to. The weather change and the new work environment are just a couple of changes I am dealing with.

There are things in my new community that are much different from home. One of the main differences is the crime rate. It is much more dangerous in Greenville than in Morehead City. It is very fustrating having to worry about safety along with how you are getting around. Aside from the negatives of Greenville, there are many positives. I love meeting new people and exploring new places. My new community is very active and large in size, so there is always something to do.

In my previous blog I spoke about change and how I wish I could change the war. I am a very peaceful person and I hate to see the damages war has done to the many men and women and even the citys that have been ruined. Since World Peace is a little far fetched, I decided to narrow my study to the affects of war to Veterans. On our ECU campus we have a program called ECU Veterans Society. There is a meeting held every month to provide aid and help to veterans adjusting to the campus life. It is also a place to hear many stories and an opportunity to get to know those who have served our country. With this being said, I want to become involved in the program and learn how to help veterans with their emotional scars and to be a friend to someone so brave and courageous. I will attend the meetings to gain knowledge on the affects of war. I will also interview as many candidates as possible to provide support in my studies. I will spend most of my time in the library and hopefully places to meet veterans. I will reach out to other organizations in the county if I need to. My goal is to find a way for veterans to feel at home here at ECU and to provide a family like community for them.I will not need permission from anyone other than who I interview, for personal reasons. My audience will be to ECU students and faculty of those who are interested. I want these veterans to know we care and support them. I hope to make many friendships along the way that may last a lifetime. In conclusion I hope to make a difference to those affected by war. I will be a strong advocate and will make a change for the veterans here at ECU.

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