Synchronous Vs. Asynchronous

In today’s society there are many means of communication. Two of the more common ways are synchronous and asynchronous. Communicating in a synchronous manner means face to face or sitting in a class room. For most students this is how they get a better view on things when they are able to have examples in person. It is a type of communication that involves time very strictly. With synchronous teaching methods there are mini lessons which are key to solving problems. These lessons provide examples and assitance to students. An asynchronous method is one that is on a non real time scale. It is done over the internet rather than in a class room setting. It can be done over Facebook, Email, Skype and even chat rooms. It is a method that is becoming more common with students. Whether in gradeschool or college, technology is improving and is a faster means of communication. The goal of these two types of methods is to reach out to students and to make sure they have  a better understanding of what they are learning. As long as the students can receive feedback whether face to face or over the internet, the main goal is for students to learn.

For me I feel that synchronous learning is the best method. It gives me a hands- on opportunity and a visual rather than learning on my own. Looking at local and global issues would be best seen in a synchronous conference. I learned that comparing and contrasting in a classroom is able to provide different views and perspectives.

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