Writing Memos

When we first started this project , I wanted to do my project on World Peace. Knowing that World Peaces is a big issue and can not be solved over night, I had to choose something a little more realistic. So I figured why not at least write about the effects of war. From there it turned in to the effect of war on Veterans. There is a Veterans Society here on campus and Veterans are everywhere so I figured that this would be a great topic.

Since the Veterans Society does not meet until the first wednesday of every month, I am a little restricted to writing my observation. I am also waiting on the response from my two Veterans. They have organized a scholarship program and are extremely busy people, so they told me I will get it as soon as possible. My paper is not complete, but it will be soon.  So far it sounds strong and is very informational, and I am pleased with the progress I am making.

When my viewers read my essay, I hope they can engage in learning about the history of war and our Veterans. I want the readers to know what these people have been through and to ask themselves do we do enough for them? Are the Veterans of our society given enough recognition for the tragic events they lived through? Is war an answer to our problems? I want the viewers to read about the encounters these men and women have and are facing still today. I am bothered by the stories of Vietnam and WWI and II. I want the viewers to gain knowledge from my paper and I want them to reach out on there own to learn more, and to see what their thoughts and feelings are.

The online refrences that we view in class has helped me conduct my paper. It has also taught me how to plan, design, and put together a long essay. The least helpful activities in class were the ones that did not relate to writing the paper. When we had to draw the author we were assigned and learn about his characteristics and the dinner table argument because I do not have all my sources. I think we should learn more about writing and the structure of a good paper in class. I do like the contract grading in this class it is less stressful. I feel like individually grading every paper would take too long any way and this approach is much quicker and there is live feedback for us to go back and look at what we need to improve. This type of writing has not really influenced my writing in this class. When I write I normally have to let my words and feelings come to me when they are ready. I can sit down and write a paper on point, but when you are in the right atmosphere with the right feelings, it is the perfect time to start a paper.

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