Annotative Bibliographies (Primary Sources)

Primary Source #1

Gross, Bud. “His experience in Vietnam.” Message to the author. 5 Oct. 2012. Web.

My first primary source is a man name Bud Gross. Bud Gross is the director and Coordinator of scholarship program for those who have Veterans in their family. I was introduced by a friend of mine who received the scholarship. Bud Gross served in the Vietnam War some years ago. He described many disturbing scenes of the past to me. He told me of his experience and all of his thoughts and feelings from that time of his life.

Not only did Bud Gross convence me that the Vietnam war was the worst war in history, but he also inspired me to learn more. I reached out to a couple of his co workers and listened to theirs stories. I was told things I will probably never repeat. Meeting these men and hearing their stories definately helped me write my paper about how this war was the worst of all.

Lastly Bud Gross helped me understand the traumatic aftermath of the war. He told me about the conditions of some of his friends after the war and how hard life has been since then. He opened my eyes to a whole new meaning of War and how the Vietnam war differed from other wars in history. I have come to the conclusion that Vietnam was the worst war and I am so very blessed to have met him and his friends who have helped me come to my conclusion.

Primary Source #2

Durbin, Stephanie R. Personal interview. 6 Oct. 2012.

My second primary source is a close friend of mine, Stephanie Durbin. I have known her for serveral years and I knew she came from a military family. I sat down with her and had a personal interview where she told me about her family’s history in war. I learned that her great grandfather served in the Vietnam war and his life led to a tragic death.

Stephanie helped me to focus my views of the Vietnam war compared to the Iraqi Wars. Her grandfather and father both served in seperate wars, and this was how I was able to compare and contrast the wars. She gave me another supportive view of my argument. From this I am sure that my argument will stand.

Lastly I was able to conclude, hearing about three different wars, that the Vietnam was the worst. I was glad that Stephanie was so open with me and allowed me to engage in the history of her family. She gave me great detail and every question I had was answered. I have much sympathy for the victims of war because not always are the ending results are pleasant.

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