Response to BRAC and SAT Policy Essays

Essay 1. Be Ready and Cooperative, By Kelsey Brook Kurtz

In this essay, Toler is describing her feelings and emotions about her audition to perform for the Governor’s School. Her audience is direct and is the intended reader. She is talking about her whole experience and she never really states to who she is writing for. Her purpose of this piece is to encourage people to “just keep going”, through all the rough and hard times. Toler wants us to finish what we start and to not give up. Although you may not perform your best, just finish it! I could not spot a direct thesis in her writing, but it was clear that she was explaining her experience at the audition. Just Keep Going, is a well organized essay. It flows smoothly and is easy to read.

Essay 2. SAT Policy, By Kyle Rogers

This essay really grabbed my attention. Wagner discussed the misuse of the words gay and retarded. At first, she did not understand the slang use of the words, but she then caught on. She learned that the way people portray certain words can be very offensive. She provided examples of her friends using the words in slang and described how it made her feel. The audience is direct to the person reading her essay. I think maybe the intended audience is for those who abuse the words. Wagner just wants to make aware that the misuse of these words could be very hurtful and are not proper. Her essay touched me in a way because I take the word retarded very offensively. Growing up I have stood by my younger sister and defended her when this word was used wrong, and Im glad it is finally becoming a project to quit using it in all.

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