Design Plan for TIB

1st Design Plan:

For my first design plan I would provide a voice essay. The working title for my piece would be, ” Becoming a Friend to one with Special Needs”. I would explain my journey and adventures I had with the special needs students in Carteret County through Special Olympics, Field Trips, and school activites. The purpose of my composition would be to encourage others to get involved with the lives of special needs children. Maybe not just children, but adults as well. My goal is to pass the special feeling I get when Im with my special needs friends to others who may not be involved or have no idea what it is like to be around them. I mainly want to target my audience toward those who have never been involved in Special Olympics or the people who are not as comfortable around handicapped individuals. I will take all of my own pictures and speak from my heart.

2nd Design Plan:

Although I am not knowledgeable about software, I am interested in creating a prezi. I had no idea what a prezi was until I looked it up. It really caught my attention. I would keep the same title as my design plan #1 or possibly tweek it a little later. I would provide my own pictures and with my creativity I would definitely make the show appealing. My goals and purposes would be the same, the format would just be different. My audience would be my class, but I would want to really touch those who are not as involved as I am. I would need some assistance in getting started but the end product will look bedazzaling!

3rd Design Plan:

My third option for my design plan would be to make a video using other clips of my personal home videos. From day one when my younger sister was born, my parents have videod most of our child hood. They videod her appointments and days after surgerys. I dont know if it would be a little too much for others, but it would really open their eyes to how different your life can be when your handicapped. I would also provide medical information that matches up with the videos. Soft music in the background would be essential to really set the mood. My goal is not to make people cry, although it is very easy to when talking about my special needs friends, but I just want to reach out for them and to help them feel normal and accepted. My goals and purpose would remain the same and I would avoid plagiarism by using my own photographs.

I am very excited about this project because of the topic I chose. By choosing this topic I feel that I can really nail the presentation because I deal with special needs everyday. I enjoy getting others invovled and showing them to a whole new view on life. Those with special needs mean so much to me, and I want to share my feelings with as many people as possible. I am leaning more towards the prezi or voice essay, but once I gather my pictures and information it will be a little easier to decide.


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