This I Believe Presentation

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4 Responses to This I Believe Presentation

  1. johnsonbl12 says:

    Tristan, I think you have a great This I believe presentation. Your little sister looks so sweet! I know you must love her very much. I really like how you chose to present your belief in a video with pictures of you and your sister. The photographs of you guys having a good time really help to prove your point. The song choice in your presentation is very fitting as well. I thought it was a very sweet and well put together project. Good job Tristan!

  2. brownra12 says:

    Tristan, your presentation was so touching! I can tell you are really close to your family, especially your sister. I think it was a great idea to include pictures of you, your family, and your sister. The song you chose was perfect too! Your timing and transitions were perfect. The text you put on the slides was very appropriate. I think your presentation was very inspiring and I had no trouble at all figuring out what you believed in. Great job!

  3. gamesj12 says:

    Tristan, your This I Believe video was so amazing. I love how you said you are who you are today because of your sister. It was so nice of you to share a personal story of your family relationship. I am very close to my family as well, and I am who I am today because of my family too, so I can defiantly relate. Your video was great.

  4. pirategirl77 says:

    Tristan, I love your This I Believe Video! Its so touching and sweet, and the pictures of you and your sister just add to that effect and make your video even better and more moving! Its amazing that you can share your personal story about your family and relationship with your sister and its sweet that you included that she has helped you become the person that you are today! You did a great job!

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