I believe that I am a praiser and encourager when it comes to responding to my peers. I also like relating to the writer. I feel that being positive and using encouragement is the best way to motivate those around you to continue to do well. Constructive critisism is another way to help peers in improving their writing, but could be a little to critical for some people. I try to steer more towards the positive encouragement.


1.” People tend progress successfully when they are encouraged and praised”

2. “It is better to have a positvie attitude when wanting positive change”

3. Constructive critisism may help, but could also be taken a little personal

4. We all want each other to succeed and excel, not fail and feel naive.


The evidence I have obtained through my peer responses is that I am a goodwill, encourager when it comes to helping my peers out. I give some suggestions here and there but I would rather point at the positive aspects. I also like to find a way to relate to the writers, because it then takes my response to a more personal level where I can give advice or be a shoulder to lean on.

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