Response to Rachel’s Peer Response Essay

Rachel, it is always a good idea to start off with questions of who the audience is, the content, the purpose, and the main idea of the piece of writing you are dealing with. Starting with these topics will allow you to get a clear understanding of what the writer is trying to accomplish and to whom will be reading it. Describing yourself as a level one reponder is perfectly ok, but expanding your views is always a great idea too. When you open yourself up to different views, you create a runway of new ideas and comments that could benefit both you and the writer. Praising and encouragement is always a great way to start off, but then try to pull in some directive statements and more “I would”, or “you should” sentences to help lead the writer in a more direct path. Spelling and grammar are important but as you mentioned they are easy to fix. Giving examples of your writing and how you responded to other writers is a good back up for the information you are displaying about the type of responder you are. You have given proof of how you evaluated this and it shows through your essay.

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