This I Believe(Revised)

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3 Responses to This I Believe(Revised)

  1. margaretann5 says:

    Tristan, your movie is touching. The feelings you express about her through each picture makes my eyes want to tear up. I have a little brother of my own, they seem to inspire us unbeknownst. They make us want to do better and be better. I can see all of this in your project. I would say that you did a very good job getting that across. Congrats, Tristan, it is fabulous. Oh and I just love your music 🙂

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  3. Tristan, I absolutely loved your video! I can tell that you and your sister are very close. She seems like such a sweet girl who can make anybody smile. The fact that she makes you smile so much is definitely a good thing, because a smile can make someone’s day. Since y’all are so close, I’m sure she always has you smiling about something! Y’all are adorable! Awesome job girl! 🙂

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